Nothing is forever.
Preserve your memories and media for those you love most.
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Rest Assured

Preserve the meaningful and personal information of your daily life.

Hand-select the Guardians - trusted friends and family - who should inherit this information only when something happens to you.

Store Letters, Advice

Don't let your ideas, wisdom, and memories vanish from conscience existence once you're gone

Time Lock

Leave video messages to your friends and family that will only be avaliable to them on special, pre-defined dates

Last Wills

Generate tailored Last Wills and Testaments right within Afterbox. There's no more excuses not to make one

Online Presence

Checking into a new app consistently is a hassle, we get it. Afterbox can stay locked if you frequent social media platforms.

Meet the Team

College students with ambitious goals

Our mission is to provide an accessible platform to securely preserve and inherit sensitive information.

Zack Banack

Zack Banack

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Teaching himself how to program in elementary school, Zack has released 50+ projects over the past decade. Ranging from computer and mobile games to websites and utilities, always trying to one-up himself is an indisputable characteristic of this Afterbox co-founder. His 2014 mobile snow day predictor, Whiteout Watch, earned Zack the Student Technologist of the Year Award. Starting with Computer Security, Zack is now studying Business Administration at the Rochester Institute of Technology in hopes to couple his passion of software development with strategic business planning.

The idea for Afterbox came from the unexpected passing of his dear friend, Matthew, in late 2015.

Noah Chrysler

Noah Chrysler


Noah Chrysler is a third year New Media Marketing major in the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology. With a background in online content marketing, communications, and online video, Noah provides a necessary perspective to the Afterbox team through his skillset which counters that of Zack's. Understanding what it takes to build successful brands, Noah assumes the role of the RIT Newsman to deliver news to his colleagues through humor and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Afterbox?

Afterbox is a mobile iOS application that allows users to store and send personal messages and documents to friends and family when a user passes away.

What will the premium version of Afterbox offer?

A premium Afterbox account will receive significantly more storage than a free account.

It also allows users to use the Time Lock feature, which allows users to release messages only on specific dates, even before your Afterbox unlocks. You can schedule posts for any of your guardians to receive at any time, like on birthdays, holidays, or special life events.

Premium users will also be the first ones to test and experience new features that will be rolled out with future versions of Afterbox.

What kind of information/messages will I be able to store in the application?

Users will be able to store pictures, videos, letters, audio, and electronic wills inside the application. In future versions, Afterbox plans to store all types of files.

How does my information get released?

Afterbox optionally measures Facebook activity. Users select a duration of Facebook inactivity that triggers an Afterbox check-in notification. If the user is inactive for their personally-defined period of time, Afterbox will reach out to see if they are okay via notification, text message, and/or email.

If the user notifies the app that they are in good health, then their inactivity timer will reset.

If the user does not respond to the check-in notification, the user’s Master Guardians are notified and asked to confirm the well-being of the user. If the Master Guardians confirm the user has passed away, Afterbox will send out the necessary pieces of content to all of the user’s Guardians.

What are Guardians and Master Guardians

Guardians are trusted friends and family that users personally assign to their individual pieces of content to be inherited either after the user’s passing. Master Guardians are Guardians that control the final step of releasing a user’s Afterbox. If a user doesn’t respond to an Afterbox check-in notification, then the user’s appointed Master Guardians are notified and asked to confirm the user’s well being.

If the user has passed away, the user’s Master Guardian selects to release the user’s Afterbox so that that user’s responses can be inherited.

Security is a huge concern, right?

Absolutely. We cannot stress this enough. Afterbox will not be released to the public until the development team expands and we are confident in the security measures which have been taken. Further, we are looking into collaborating with existing services to handle certain pieces of data. For example, rather than Afterbox directly handling passwords, reputable password locker services may house this data for us.

Do Guardians need to have an Afterbox account in order to inherit data?

Guardians do not need to have an Afterbox account, just a valid email address and/or mobile phone number. When it comes time to inherit responses, we’ll send them a custom link to all of a user’s responses.

What type of Will can I generate in Afterbox?

Users can generate Last Wills and Testaments within Afterbox. Once generated, users will be able to download and print their custom PDF. Afterbox highly recommends users seek legal advice to ensure their generated document suits their unique needs.

When does Afterbox expect to release?

Afterbox plans to have its first publicly available version in August 2017.

How far into development is Afterbox?

Afterbox was initially prototyped in February 2016 and is currently in a post-prototype, small closed beta. It has gone through numerous visual and structural overhauls since its inception.

Is Afterbox looking to hire?

Soon! Keep an eye out.

Can I invest in Afterbox?

Let's get in touch! Shoot us an email. Further, if you see faith in this project and would like to contribute via voluntary donation, you can do so here. ♥

Is Afterbox legally-binding?

No. However, the Last Wills and Testaments within Afterbox are so long as the user has followed the in-app instructions and meets specific, personal requirements (notarization, state laws).

What's your response to people who are concerned about the ethics behind Afterbox?

It's absolutely understandable that the idea of "extending life" via further communications will not be appealing to everyone, whether it be religiously or morally. Despite Afterbox trying to paint the service in an innocent, non-intimidating light, ethical concerns will exist when tackling such a sensitive - oftentimes taboo - subject.

While Afterbox is still growing and creating an identity for itself, it's difficult to give a definitive response at this time. However, for certain, the services Afterbox offer are being crafted with only the best intentions to alleviate some difficulties that arise post mortem (faced by the developers personally and others who have given voice to Afterbox). All features are optional, so users can perform actions they are comfortable with. For example, maybe one does not believe in the Time Lock aspect of the application but sees value in convenient will and last testament creation. Similarly, perhaps one believes their passwords should never be inherited by anyone else, so the user decides they will use Afterbox solely to pass down wisdom to their grandchildren.

What should happen to my data in the event Afterbox ceases operations?

Afterbox is a start up, so its future is unpredictable. While our team is passionate about this project and its efforts to succeed, it's a possibility that Afterbox may not be around forever. In the event that the service should close - as soon as the foreseeable future looks rocky in terms of sustainability - Afterbox will reach out to all members and provide them a convenient way to download all content they stored within their Afterbox so it can be rehosted elsewhere.

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